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Wipanto is your partner when it comes to analyze your customer preferences. We will help you grow your offline business by understanding how clients behave online. Your customers will return more often and we’ll make sure you know exactly your ROI in each marketing action.

Customers connecting to your WiFi will be able to login with their social media channels, Gmail account or by completing a simple registration. You will be able to learn from their preferences and communicate directly with them. Simple connection, no passwords required and completely clean and easy to use.


Your most valuable customers deserve a gift? Your new clients deserve a discount? Make sure you tell them that! Put marketing on auto-pilot with our easy-to-use platform and personalize your messages for each target group.
When your customers leave, we make sure to thank them for their visit or to request a honest review. And if they don’t return soon, we’ll send them a reminder to visit again – plus, you can add a little incentive to bring them back.
You just need to choose your preferences and add the necessary information. We’ll identify the new customers, keep track of their visits, send out e-mails and calculate how much they are worth to you. You can focus on your daily operations, we’ll take care of your marketing.
We collect your customer contact, name, gender and age when they join your WiFi for the first time. This gives them WiFi access each time they visit and will allow us to keep track of their visits and how much are they worth to you as a customer.
We know what a headache is to find out your ROI. What we offer: a way to find out who has returned because of the campaign you did last week, or how much your review score has improved due to the e-mail you sent asking for your customers' opinion.
We’ll introduce you to your customers and give you valuable information about them – how often they visit you, how much time they spend at your store and much are they worth to you.


Start fast by plugging in our device into your existing router, customize your account with your logo, images and social media info, choose your preferences and you’re ready to go! No complicated programming or IT knowledge.


Customers connecting to your WiFi will be able to login with their social media channels, Gmail account or by completing a simple registration. Simple connection, no passwords required and completely clean and easy to use.


Reward your best customers, announce your daily specials, thank them for their visit, improve your number of reviews or many other options to interact with your customers.

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Social Media Login
Email Login
Full login customisation
New vs. Frequent clients statistics
Demographics statistics
Devices statistics
Peak time & day
Interests on Facebook (liked pages)
Full profile w/ picture
Complete visit history of each client
Data export (.pdf, .png)
Editable email blacklist
SSID (customisable network name)
Multiple store management
Welcome campaigns
Birthday campaigns
Pre Birthday campaigns ×
Review or survey campaigns ×
Loyalty or return campaigns ×
Daily specials (splash page) ×
Campaigns sent statistics (open rate, delivery rate, etc.) ×


Integration with the most relevant CRMs and email providers;

Track offline conversions after online promotions;

New attractive email templates;

New login possibilities (SMS, FB Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc);

Even better stats and reports;

Among many others

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Wipanto wants to connect the dots between online and offline. We believe the majority of sales continue to occur in the real-world, even though we spend most of our time in the digital world. These two separate realities are considerably disconnected – it’s still very hard to track down the return of digital marketing campaigns in the offline world. This is where we want to help.

Finding information sources, treating and knowing how to use them in different communication channels is a challenge for any marketer – in fact, Marketing is an area in constant evolution that depends exclusively on the results of its actions. We position ourselves as boosters of information retrieval in unique channels, trying to understand the users’ preferences and allowing businesses to deliver a bigger value to their customers and improving their sales.

We aim to become one of the biggest players in the world to use WiFi networks and its information as a customer satisfaction improvement channel.